Having a clean and healthy pet is a priority for every pet owner. As you make plans to visit the veterinarian for a pet exam, make provisions for pet grooming as well. The grooming that is recommended for dogs such as bathing and brushing, might not be necessary for cats. A cat may only need frequent brushing to remove loose hair, which can end up around your home or swallowed by the cat. For pet owners in Honolulu, our team at Animal Clinic of Honolulu is your home for grooming and veterinary services.

Grooming Schedules

The frequency with which you bathe your dog will depend on a few key factors:


  • Amount of hairThe more hair a dog has, the more work there is in terms of bathing and brushing. Breeds like the Maltese and the Collie, have thick fur and require frequent baths every four to six weeks.
  • Body odorThere are dog breeds which despite having long hair, do not require regular baths because they do not develop the typical body odor so often. An example of such a breed is the Puli.
  • Nature of the coat: Over bathing could strip oil from the skin, especially for breeds with thick or double coats such as Labradors and Siberian Huskies.

The Aspects of Pet Grooming Services

Conducive Environment

To make the grooming process enjoyable, we employ a friendly approach in handling your dog by ensuring the environment is conducive. Not all dogs feel comfortable in a bath or dog tab. In such cases, we resort to outdoor bathing.


Hygiene is key to the success of the grooming process. We maintain high standards by ensuring that equipment used in our dog washing service is sterilized to prevent potential infections or parasites from being carried from one dog to another.


The grooming process can sometimes be long and tiresome. We are always keen to allow your dog some time to take a break and respond to needs like having a toilet break or taking a walk. We understand the frustrations that can come without such considerations. Your pet is also our friend, we want to make him feel good and eager to come back for the next grooming session.


Our dog salon is modern and well-equipped to give your dog an exceptional treat. We use sophisticated equipment like; electric clippers, dog toenail clippers, aortic solution forceps, and gauze.

Get Quality Pet Grooming in Honolulu, HI

Pet grooming is about more than just making your pet look good. Proper grooming can be essential to maintaining the health and happiness of your pet for years to come. If you are looking for pet grooming services in or around Honolulu, call our team at Animal Clinic Of Honolulu today at (808) 734-0255.