Animals suffer from allergies just as their human families do. Some owners are surprised when our Honolulu veterinarian discovers signs of one or more pet allergies during a routine pet exam. Sometimes, an owner notices behavioral changes that might signal an allergy. Our Animal Clinic Of Honolulu staff is skilled at diagnosing and managing allergies in pets.

Understanding Pet Allergies

Pet allergies occur when an animal has hypersensitivity to environmental substances that would normally be harmless.  Mild allergic reactions might include hives, itching, or redness around lips and eyes.  Anaphylaxis is an emergency that occurs in severe cases and could result in death.

However, a pet might show any of a number of other symptoms.  Among them are difficulty breathing, sneezing, loud snoring, choking, wheezing, or coughing.  Some animals develop skin scabs.  Behavioral changes such as depression and continual licking or scratching sometimes occur, as does vomiting or diarrhea.

Our veterinarian in Honolulu notes that the allergies we most commonly see in cats and dogs include:

  • Fleas
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • House mites
  • Food

In some cases, pets experience contact allergies.  These occur after directly touching carpeting, plastic, or other items.

Treatment Options from Our Honolulu Veterinarian

Since it is impossible to eliminate pet allergies, the goal of our Honolulu veterinarian is allergy management.  After a pet exam, our doctor develops a customized treatment plan for each affected dog or cat.

Medications and supplements that reduce an allergic response and itching while boosting the skin’s barrier function are often helpful.  Some pets with mild reactions benefit from an antihistamine.  Others require allergy shots or another type of hyposensitization.

Researchers cite beef, dairy products, chicken, and wheat as the most likely canine food allergens.  Cats react most frequently to beef, fish, and chicken.  After a food trial identifies the trigger, pet owners need to eliminate the food.

A severe reaction or symptoms of anaphylaxis signal the need for immediate treatment.  This typically includes drugs such as epinephrine and steroids to control the allergic response.  For hospitalized pets, it might also be necessary to administer oxygen and/or fluids.

Schedule a Pet Exam with Our Veterinarian in Honolulu

Animal Clinic Of Honolulu is a full-service practice that welcomes pets for both routine and emergency care.  Our staff treats pets like valued family members and provides their owners with lots of important information on preventative pet care.  Whether your pet needs surgery, management of pet allergies, or anything in between, we can help.  Take a moment to call us today at (808) 734-0255 to schedule your favorite furry friend for his or her next pet exam with our veterinarian in Honolulu.  You’ll love the calm, comfortable environment our practice offers.