Contact us at Animal Clinic of Honolulu if your puppy is at risk for canine hip dysplasia, or your dog shows any warning signs. We have evaluation tools that can measure the risk so your dog can get the care he needs before dealing with any pain and suffering. We are the only veterinary clinic that has PenHIPP X-Ray tools and training here on the island. We serve Honolulu and the surrounding islands with quality veterinary care for animals of all ages. Ask us about house calls and vaccination schedules when you call for your appointment.

What Is a PennHIP Evaluation?

A PennHIP X-Ray and evaluation is a way to diagnose your puppy’s risk of canine hip dysplasia throughout his lifetime. It can be done as early as sixteen weeks or at any other point in your dog’s life. If you have a dog breed that is known to develop hip dysplasia, or your pup has shown signs of risk, it can be an informative evaluation that may save your dog pain and difficulty later in life.

The test is performed under anesthesia to ensure your pet’s comfort, and it can be done while your pet is put under for another procedure, such as spaying or neutering, if you would like. The goal is to measure hip-joint laxity in the dog. The results of the measurements will be used against years of compiled data to determine your dog’s risk for osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. Knowledge is power when it comes to your dog’s health and wellness, and if we know there is an issue in advance he will be less likely to suffer unduly. You will have plenty of time to discuss the results and what they mean with the veterinarian.

How Can PennHIP X-Rays Help My Dog?

If your pet shows signs of risk, or illness has already set in, then we will offer a treatment plan that will slow the progression of the disease over your dog’s lifetime and reduce your dog’s pain levels while increasing mobility.

Contact Us for More Information about Canine Hip Dysplasia.

Whether you have an older dog who may be at risk for Canine Hip Dysplasia or a new puppy who may be at risk later in life, give us a call. We serve Honolulu, HI, and the surrounding areas with top veterinary care. Call today, (808) 734-0255.