When someone makes the decision to own a pet, it comes with a number of responsibilities. Along with basic care such as feeding and grooming, pet owners need to make sure they take their pet to the vet on a regular basis. Preventative care such as, making sure that pets stay up to date on all their shots, and answering any questions that pet owners might have, are extremely important to the health of your pet. At the same time, we understand that emergency conditions can still develop. When this happens, it is important for pet owners to have a reliable facility to go to for emergency pet care. The team from the Animal Clinic of Honolulu is here to make sure that you have access to trained emergency services.

Common Emergency Pet Conditions

There are a number of common emergency conditions that can develop. Some of the most common problems that we face include the following:

Pets may take a tumble down the stairs, they may step in a hole, and they may fall from a great height. First, pets can come down with an injury just like people. This can lead to serious injuries that need to be addressed by a trained veterinarian. With the attention of a trained healthcare professional, these injuries can be fixed and pets can make a full recovery.

We see animals come in with nausea and vomiting issues as well. These can develop due to a stomach bug, and ingestion of a foreign substance, or even stress. It is important for pets to be seen by a trained healthcare professional before they develop severe dehydration. A trained veterinarian can both rehydrate a pet that has been vomiting in addition to figuring out the root cause.

Pets sometimes come in regularly due to seizures. A seizure can develop when the neurons in the brain start a fire on controllably. There are a number of common causes of seizures and animals. Sometimes, pets have seizures due to electrolyte issues stemming from dehydration or poisoning events. Other pets developed seizures due to the growth of tumors that might be pressing on certain neurons in the brain. It is important to address seizures quickly and figure out why they are happening to rent them from coming back.

Trust the Trained Team at the Animal Clinic of Honolulu for Veterinary Needs

These are only a few of the many emergency conditions that we see in animals. It is important for all of these conditions to be treated as quickly as possible by the team from the Animal Clinic of Honolulu. We can provide every pet in the area with access to trained veterinary emergency services. Call us today at (808) 734-0255!